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Happy Birthday Julia!

Every year for my best friend's birthday, I throw her a party. A lot of you seemed to like my last party post, so I wanted to do another one. This one is dedicate to my best friend, Julia! One of Julia's biggest obsessions is with unicorns, so I decided to make her party unicorn themed this year. If you don't like unicorns, you can change up my ideas a little to fit your party theme!


I actually had a lot of fun decorating for Julia's unicorn party. I found some little unicorn figurines and spray painted them silver and they turned out really cute! I kind of scattered these little unicorns throughout the apartment for the party. Julia has somehow gotten two of the exact same unicorn pillows as gifts after buying one for herself. Since she has three now, I thought they would make a cute unicorn-y accent on the couches. I only took a picture of one of the couches, but you get the idea. Me and my friend Rachel made the little unicorn art prints. Julia is a huge fan of quotes and sayings, so I wanted to tie some into her unicorn party. She loved them and is going to hang them up in her room! By far my favorite decoration was the confetti balloons. The confetti was leftover from confetti balloons I bought last year at target, so I just put it in some white dollar store balloons. You can just as easily make your own confetti by cutting up some tissue paper!


I decided not to go too crazy with the food this year. I just picked up some of Julia's favorite snacks and her favorite candy! I absolutely hate when the snacks go stale at a party, so I wanted to put them in jars so that wouldn't happen. I hot glued some of the silver unicorns to the jars and I loooove the way they turned out. I also really love the unicorn party line they have at target. How cute are the unicorn plates and napkins? There are so many unicorn party plates out there that just weren't what I was looking for. I was thrilled to find these super adorable plates and napkins!! I normally make cupcakes for Julia's birthday, but this year I wanted to make a colorful cake to get into the unicorn spirit! I am not the best at making cakes look pretty, but it tasted amazing! :p


We started off the party by playing some games. We played Quiplash (if you have never played, you should because it is soo much fun!) and some card games. It was a great start to the party! Throughout the party, I took a bunch of photos with some of my favorite people! I am the kind of person that needs to capture how much fun I'm having by taking a bunch of selfies and other pictures so I can look back on them! I wore a crop top and a bralette paired with my favorite mom jeans. I also wore a super cute sun and moon necklace and some black sandals. But can we talk about how great Julia looked?? Her hair looked so pretty and she was wearing the cutest romper ever from Shein. I loved her look! One of my favorite things at the party was the giant card I made for Julia. Everyone who came got a chance to sign it and write something nice for her to read the next day!

I had a lot of fun planning Julia's party this year. In previous years, I didn't really have party themes for her birthday. It was so much fun working with the unicorn theme! I want to thank everyone who came and made Julia's party so much fun! I know she appreciated it. Happy birthday Julia! I hope this was your best birthday party yet! <3

P.S. Follow Julia on Twitter and Instagram to get to know her better!

Thanks for reading! :)

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