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Falling for Fall Fashion

I absolutely love fall fashion. I have been planning fall outfits since like mid July! The only problem is that I cannot stand the cold so I am pretty much miserable throughout all of fall and winter. But at least I look cute! The weather is finally starting to get a little colder so I thought I would show you guys some of my favorite styles to wear in the fall. There's going to be a bunch of outfits in this post, so if I were you I'd grab a cup of tea and a snack before you start reading! :)

I know it is early on in the blog post, but I can already say this outfit is my absolute favorite. I actually wore this outfit on the first day of fall this year! It wasn't that cold yet, but it got chilly enough in the evening for me to throw on my new duster coat to go catch a movie with some friends (I saw It, which I definitely recommend for the fall/Halloween season!) I fell in love with this rusty brown duster coat on Shein's website a few months ago and I had to have it! I knew it would be perfect for fall. In this outfit, I paired it with a plain white tee, some ripped jeans and some white Rocket Dog sneakers. It is so simple but adorable at the same time! I love dressing up t shirts and sneakers with outerwear and jewelry. The necklace I am wearing goes with the fall theme because it is a sunflower pendant! This is one of my favorite necklaces to wear all year round but it goes so well in the fall. You can't see them in the outfit picture, but in honor of the first day of fall I wore my pumpkin earrings that I bought from the grange fair! I love these earrings because most pumpkin earrings I find are jack-o-lanterns so they are only appropriate for October/Halloween.

I actually wore this outfit on the second day of fall! My parents, my sister, and I went to and apple-themed mini festival at Browns Farm Market and it was a lot of fun! We bought apple cider and apple pie and I posed in this super cute fall display! It was still really hot out but I wanted to dress somewhat in the spirit of fall anyway. Flannels scream fall and since it was too hot to wear one, I just tied this thrifted flannel around my waist.. The colors in the flannel went perfectly with my sage-y green skirt! I paired the skirt/flannel combo with the same tee and sneakers and necklace from the first outfit because I went home to see my family that weekend and brought a limited wardrobe. I love that the t-shirt and shoes can easily go with any outfit.

Here's the same outfit that I changed a little bit on a couple of different occasions last fall (sorry these photos aren’t current, but I would definitely still wear both outfits this fall!). I am wearing the same jeans and rusty orange tank-top in both photos but different sweaters and shoes. The first picture was taken last October. I paired the jeans and tank with an open weave cream colored sweater from Charlotte Russe and some simple white sneakers from Walmart. I love this outfit because it is so simple to throw on and it is comfy enough to swing on a tire swing! The second photo was taken at a local pumpkin patch. I changed the sweater up and went with a dark brown chunky over-sized sweater. This one is a lot warmer than the open weave one so I wore it on this freezing cold day at the pumpkin patch. I paired this outfit with some dark brown boots to match the sweater! I love that I can change one or two simple things and I have a whole new outfit.

I think the colors and pattern of this dress scream fall. There is such a pretty fall colored floral print! The dress itself is pretty short and has thin straps so it isn't exactly fall appropriate despite the colors. Because it wasn't that cold yet, I just put on a long t shirt underneath and that seemed to do the job throughout the day! It made it look so much cuter for fall, too! When it got a little colder in the evening, I threw on my handy dandy thrifted denim jacket. I think denim jackets are perfect for fall weather. But can we talk about the red booties I am wearing?? Can you believe they were a thrift store find?? I get so many compliments when I wear these shoes! They are such a beautiful color for the fall and they surprisingly match with a lot of outfits! And they literally have embroidered fall leaves on them so I couldn't have found a more perfect pair of fall shoes if I tried.

When it's not quite cold enough for long sleeves but it's not quite warm enough for shorts, you need a happy medium. In this outfit, I paired a lace up mustard-colored (my absolute favorite color to wear in the fall) t-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans. Unfortunately, these jeans are a little small on me (they are supposed to be boyfriend jeans so 'a little small' is an understatement) so I am selling them over on my Poshmark! Although the jeans were a bust (literally) I really loved them. I threw this outfit on for the photo, but I have gotten a lot of wear out of this top so far this fall season!

I call this outfit: construction worker chic. This outfit probably isn't for everyone, but I think its really cute! I love the cheap, plain sweatshirts you can get from Walmart. I got this maroon sweatshirt a few years ago and I still wear it all the time every fall/winter! You all have probably seen my overalls from Shein a million times, but that just goes to show how many outfits you can make out of a pair of overalls! I paired this outfit with my knock-off Timberlands. These are my favorite shoes, they give me so many fall vibes!

Is it just me, or is this rusty orange color the perfect color to wear in the fall?? I have gotten so much wear out of this rusty orange cardigan so far this season. In this outfit, I paired it with a striped black and white turtleneck and some Tomgirl jeans from American Eagle. Let me tell you, Tomgirl jeans are the softest, most comfortable jeans I have ever owned! I have been wearing the heck out of them since I bought them in late august. Surprise surprise, I paired this outfit with my white Rocket Dogs I wear with everything. I loved wearing this comfy outfit out to lunch with my mom!

This outfit features another duster coat I got from Shein! My favorite color to wear is this dusty pink color, but it doesn't exactly scream fall. If you aren't into all the typical fall colors like mustard or orange, this duster coat is probably a great option for you! I paired it with my dusty pink sneakers from H&M! I wanted to get some use out of my grey bobble hat too, so on a colder day I threw it on with a grey t-shirt and my mom jeans.

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits in this post. I got this camo skirt at the beginning of this season from Walmart (can you believe that??), and I have been wearing it so much! I love this style of skirt, and the camo print adds such a cute touch to it! I think that green and cream go so well together, so I paired the skirt with a cream sweater. Brown booties went perfectly with this outfit too!

Like I said before, I love this style of skirt! The rusty brown corduroy material screams fall! I love how this color looks with black and gold. I really like wearing skirts in the fall, so I paired this one with some black tights so my legs wouldn't get cold. You also can't go wrong with a sweater in the fall so I also threw on a black sweater to match my tights and black booties. I was actually going to wear this outfit to go pumpkin picking, but it ended up raining all day so I didn't even get to show it off! I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this skirt this season and even in the winter months!

As you can see, my staple fall pieces include jeans, sweaters, skirts, flannels, and some cute outerwear. Don't get me wrong, I have loved that it stayed warmer a little longer this year, but I need it to get colder so I can start showing off more of my fall wardrobe! Please let me know what outfits you liked & didn't like. I would also love to see some of your favorite fall outfits!

Thanks for reading! :)

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