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Apartment Tour

When I came to college, I lived in a dorm, and there wasn't that much opportunity to get creative with decorations. Junior year, I moved into an apartment. I have had so much fun decorating with my roommates and making it our own. Here is a little virtual tour of my apartment!


When you first walk into my apartment, you're in the living room. The first photo is just an overview of what the room looks like when you walk in. The second photo is our little entertainment center where the TV sits. We have tons of DVDs in there, and lots and lots of video games. That is where we keep our game systems, like the Nintendo64 and the GameCube. On the coffee table in the center of the room, I always keep a coloring book and some coloring utensils. You never know when guests will come over and want to color while you chat. We have two couches in our living room. One of them is a black futon from Walmart, and the other is a simple grey couch from Ikea. We also have a net chair from target and a blue futon chair from Walmart. On both couches and the futon chair, I went a little overboard on the pillows. Most of the throw pillows are from Walmart or Target. Those are the BEST places to shop for stuff like that. The marble cushion covers and the banana leaf cushion covers are both from Society6. They have so many incredible home items! Most of the wall decor in the living room is just photos of my roommates and I. We also have some mirrors, some paintings, and some wall art that I made myself. Lastly, behind the black futon was a huge blank wall that we needed to cover, so we opted for this really cute tapestry from Target.


Right next to the living room is the kitchen. The first photo is just a overview of the kitchen. It is pretty small but we don't need a huge space for just the four of us. I love being matchy-matchy, so we tried to go with an overall color scheme of teal with bright colored accents. On the wall on the right, there is a little letter board that comes with a bunch of letters so you can spell whatever you want. We keep the letters in a cute little jar and write each other messages. Because I like everything to match, I got matching oven mits and dish towels from target. I think they look so cute together! Also from target, I got these little hedgehog salt and pepper shakers that just sit on the oven. To the right of the oven, we have a measuring cup that holds all of our cooking utensils. I love all the bright colors! I especially love the little dinosaur ladle that is sitting upright. We rarely use it, but it is so cute we couldn't pass it up! I also have a paper cup full of paper straws in case guests come over and want to use a straw. I fell in love with my Pioneer Woman measuring cups from Walmart! I took a photo of them separated so you could see what each one looks like. Those were from Walmart. On the left side of the oven, we have some more practical things. Not pictured is the paper towels, then we have our spice rack, the Keurig, and some jars filled with ingredients for cooking and baking. I thought the chalk labels were so cute! I got the jars from Target and the labels and chalk marker from Walmart.


Next up is the bathroom! It is really small, but I share it with one other person so we don't need a big space. If you are wondering why there is no sink, it's because it is on the outside of the bathroom and I forgot to take a picture of it (sorry). We went with a pastel and gold theme for our bathroom. The speckled gold shower curtain and the matching trash can are both from Target. I love that the shower curtain is cloth so I can throw it in the washing machine if I need to. The super cute pastel blue bath mat is also from Target. Its so nice and fluffy and perfect for stepping on when you get out of the shower. Continuing the pastel theme, I ordered the swirly-looking bath towel from Society6. I absolutely love that website! I made the cute wall art piece using the same colors in the towel. It was a quote from my roommate and I thought it was too funny not to include in my bathroom!


My bedroom is my favorite spot in my apartment. This is where I go to watch hours of Netflix or to do my homework. The first photo is just an overview of my room from the doorway, so you can see how much stuff I crammed into my tiny living space. The next photo is of my bed. If I have lights on at all, it is usually the fairy lights above my bed. I like to have a cozy atmosphere in my bedroom. I don't actually have a comforter, but the main blanket on my bed is a massive plushy blanket from Walmart. On top, I have another grey blanket from Walmart that I just use as a throw. I probably went overboard with the throw pillows, but I love them! All of them are either from Target or Walmart. Next to the doorway, I have a little set of shelves. I have different storage containers and decor pieces on these shelves. This is also where I keep my jewelry and my body sprays! On the opposite wall, next to my closet, I have my dresser. I got this unique dresser from Walmart, and it has tons of room to store all of my clothes. On top of the dresser I keep some accessories like hats and glasses, and my makeup. Next to my bed I have a table that I turned into a desk. I keep all of my school supplies and my computer here. I use one of my two ottomans as a chair whenever I want to sit at my desk. The other ottoman can be seen in the picture of my dresser. It has the same pattern as the blanket on my bed. Last, but not least, is my mini gallery wall. All but one of these pieces were made by me! Some of them are coloring pages from a mandala coloring book, and the others are some freehand writing. The wooden K was a find from Walmart!

I am pretty proud of how my apartment has turned out! I am not the best photographer, but I hope my photos did it justice. I have to move out of this apartment in July, and I can't wait to move into a new place and start all over with the decorating! I would love to see some photos of your favorite spots in your house. Thanks for reading! Please give this post a like, leave a comment, and subscribe! :)

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