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Tips for Shopping at

The first blog post I ever wrote was a review of some of the items I got from Shein. Ever since that posts, I have gotten so many questions about the quality of the items, the reliability of the website, and so much more. I have made a bunch of orders with Shein and I have been happy with all of my orders! But, when shopping on this site, I browse with caution. Throughout this post, there will be photos of me in some of my favorite items I have purchased from this site. Here are some of the rules I follow religiously when I am on


I have found that when searching something on Shein, such as "graphic t-shirts," it doesn't give me the best options that the site has to offer. You really have to take time and browse the site's t-shirt section to get to the good stuff. It can take some time, but it has definitely been proven to be worth it for me to really explore the site. I could have searched 'sweater' and browsed for hours without running into my favorite waffle knit sweater.


Most of Shein's items are ridiculously cheap. Most items that I have ordered were fifteen dollars and under. How crazy is that?! So, hitting the "price from low to high" button will give you some really great items for the cheapest prices. I know most bargain shoppers do this already, but just in case I had to add this tip! I found these leggings using this tip for only $6. Like I'm sorry are you kidding me? $6????


Like a lot of other asian-based clothing companies, the sizing is a little different from what we would see in our typical American stores. For example, a medium in Forever21 might be an extra large or a small on Shein's site. Each item on the site has a completely different size chart. I have ordered t-shirts from small to extra large on their site. It's all about those size charts! Sometimes, the size charts can be a bit unreliable. It may say you're a medium, but when you order a medium and it fits like an XL, it will probably leave you disappointed. I am typically a size medium, so my friend Rachel picked up a really cute two piece outfit for me in a medium on Shein's website. It ended up being so small that I had to wear the shirt backwards to avoid major cleavage (The shorts would barely fit over my butt).


So, I ALWAYS take a look at the reviews for each item I am thinking of buying. The reviews almost always give tips like "order a size up," or "size small fits like a large." I have found it to be so helpful! It is even more helpful when the reviews include photos so you can see how the items fit on actual people who purchased them. If an item I am eyeing up doesn't have any reviews, I usually pass on buying it. I would much rather have all the information I can before buying an item from a website like this. For my first order on Shein, I bought this tie-dye dress in my typical size. It ended up being absolutely huge! I ordered another in a different color and ended up betting an extra small after reading the reviews, and it fit much better.


I have learned not to click on the 'SALE' button on Shein's website. On most websites, the first place that catches my bargain-shopping butt is the sales section, but not on Shein. EVERYTHING on Shein is on sale. That's the beauty of this website! So, if you click the 'SALE' button, you will pretty much be sorting through the entire website. It is much less time consuming if you browse for specific items you are looking for. I found these super cheap overalls on Shein's website by just browsing!

I hope this post cleared up any questions you have had about shopping at Shein. I absolutely love this website and I would recommend it to anyone, but it is definitely a learning curve. Feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment if you have any more questions! Thanks for reading! Please give this post a like, leave a comment, and subscribe! :)

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